Reaction to Mueller Report, From Right, Left and Center

Reaction to Mueller Report, From Right, Left and Center

Now that it is over, he said, the administration should “go after the real conspirators.”

Mr. diGenova, a former United States attorney for the District of Columbia, said Attorney General William P. Barr should now investigate the special counsel’s investigation, which he archly described as a plot by “career lawyers” at the Justice Department and the F.B.I. along with outside actors.

“Let the grand juries begin,” he wrote. Read more »

Amanda Marcotte in Salon

“But there’s no chance that anyone actually changes their mind about what they think happened between Russia and the Trump campaign based on anything that happens on Thursday.”

Ms. Marcotte was one of many on the left who criticized the rollout of the report, which began on Thursday morning with a news conference by Mr. Barr shortly before the report was made available to the public.

That, combined with Mr. Barr’s “word games” and repeated insistence that the Trump campaign had not colluded with Russia, led many on the left to see him as something more akin to “Trump’s defense attorney,” she wrote.

And she lamented that the country’s political polarization meant that few minds would probably be changed by the release of the report.

“Barr’s blatant whitewash will only make liberals more likely to believe Trump is hiding something sinister, while Republican voters will either back the ‘no collusion’ storyline or admit, at least in private, that they don’t even care if there was a conspiracy or not,” she wrote. Read more »


David Corn in Mother Jones

“During the election, when it mattered the most, Trump and his folks kept saying there was no Russian assault. They echoed Putin’s disinformation: Moscow is doing nothing. That provided cover for the Kremlin and helped it get away with this operation.”

Mr. Barr missed the point of the Russia investigation by focusing on whether the Trump campaign cooperated with Russia’s election interference instead of “whether Trump and his crew helped the Russian attack in other ways,” Mr. Corn argued on Thursday.

Mr. Corn summarized what has been established about Trump campaign members’ activities: They “echoed Putin’s disinformation” by denying repeatedly that Russia was interfering in the election; Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner met with a Russian emissary who offered them damaging information on Mrs. Clinton; and George Papadopoulos, a foreign policy adviser, tried to establish an “off the record” connection between the campaign and the Russian government.

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