Plumber Modbury Hot Water Systems

Hot water is often taken for granted, especially after a long day at work or on an icy morning when we want to take a hot shower. But we should keep several factors in mind when choosing a system for our home or workplace in Modbury that functions effectively all year round.

There are various kinds of hot water systems Adelaide on the market from various brands, and it’s essential that consumers understand all their advantages, disadvantages and prices so as to make an informed decision when determining which system best fits their needs.

Electric systems are an economical solution offered by a plumber that has low upfront costs and operates during cheaper ‘off peak’ times at night, as well as being suitable for installation outside, without needing flues to operate them. Unfortunately, electric heating can also be costly to run over time; with too little storage tank capacity often leading to “stratification”, or cold spots.

Gas systems from DistinctPlumbing are generally an excellent option in Modbury if you live close enough to a natural gas supply and don’t mind paying more than electricity for it. A tankless system may also offer lower energy costs.

Gas systems tend to be more costly to run and require regular maintenance checks in order to operate correctly, making them more costly to run overall and require regular auxiliary circulation pump use to help prevent stratification in tanks. A continuously running auxiliary circulation pump should be installed so water flows from coldest part to hottest part. Or alternatively, inexpensive chemicals like potassium carbonate (washing soda) or sodium hexameta phosphate (Calgon) may be added into the tank to increase pH and prevent corrosion.

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Plumber Modbury Hot Water Systems

Hot water is often taken for granted, especially after a long day at work or on an icy morning when we want...

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