Keith Ellison’s Campaign Overshadowed by Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations

Keith Ellison’s Campaign Overshadowed by Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations

Ever since, Mr. Ellison has been trying to dispel the cloud that has hovered over his campaign. The Minneapolis Star Tribune and Alpha News, a right-leaning news site, have sued to unseal Mr. Ellison’s divorce records. His ex-wife, Kim Ellison, has said he was never abusive during their 25-year marriage.

Ms. Ellingstad’s report has been forwarded to local law enforcement officials, who have declined to take up the matter. Mr. Ellison has asked the House Ethics Committee to look into the allegations as well.

A group of progressive women, including a former Minneapolis mayor, Betsy Hodges, recently released a letter explaining why they continue to support Mr. Ellison.

Abena Abraham, 22, who signed and helped craft the letter, said that disposing of Mr. Ellison and electing his Republican rival would not end violence against women or promote the cause of women’s rights.

“We should elect him and then hold him accountable,” she said.

Many liberals in the state continue to express bitterness that another progressive star, Senator Al Franken, was forced to resign without an investigation after he was accused of groping a sleeping woman for a photograph and of trying to kiss a Senate aide.

But Billy Grant, Mr. Wardlow’s campaign manager, predicted that the allegations against Mr. Ellison would cause many progressives either to vote for the third-party candidate, from the Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis Party, or to leave that part of the ballot blank.

“The court of public opinion is all we’re going to have before the election,” he said.

That may be the only thing that Mr. Ellison and Mr. Wardlow agree on. Asked how the allegations were affecting his race, Mr. Ellison said, “We won’t really know until the evening of November 6th.”

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