Fans Accuse Justin Bieber Of Lipsyncing During Coachella Performance

Fans Accuse Justin Bieber Of Lipsyncing During Coachella Performance

Fans think Justin Bieber might’ve been lipsyncing during his performance with Ariana Grande at Coachella.

The singer surprised festival-goers after making an impromptu cameo during her highly anticipated headliner set, but not everyone was convinced that his vocals were fully live. 


With several people on social-media claiming that he “missed his cue” several times during their rendition of ‘Sorry’, one person claimed: “I actually just cackled at Justin’s lip sync.”

Whether he was singing live or not, an insider told People that Justin was thrilled to be on stage again after taking a break from performing: “It was a big deal for Justin. He hasn’t performed in a long time. He was very excited though and felt even better after.”

The source added that the 25-year-old “loved reconnecting with his fans” and said that his mental health is improving: “He is feeling much better mentally and more like himself. It seems like he is slowly getting back to feeling normal.”

It’s possible that Justin didn’t have time to rehearse his vocals considering he wasn’t expected on stage at all. Speaking to the crowd, he said: “I haven’t been on stage in like two years. I came out here I had no idea I was going to be on stage tonight.”


“So anyways this is my first time on stage in two years. I had to get my groove back, my swag back. By the way — album coming soon.”

He later took to social-media to write: “Thank you @ArianaGrande. Thank you @coachella. That felt right. Love you.”

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